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Urban unicycling lives, breathes and learns all its dirty habits in London.

STFU London brings you the urban unicycling lifestyle, clothing and apparel designed by urban unicyclists for urban unicyclists. We’re here repping all the things that drew riders to London in the first place; we’re diverse, progressive and raw, and let’s face it – cool as fuck.

Ride with us

We’re an urban unicycle collective.

Our focus is to build an active urban unicycle community in the UK and push street, trials and flatland unicycling as far as it can go.

Group Rides

We organise several group rides a year in the UK so that you can meet other riders and improve your skills.


We hold events so that riders get a chance to compete and the UK scene grows.


We make and sell small batches of exclusive merch to keep you looking fresh on the streets.


We make videos to show the worldwide unicycle community what the UK scene is like and to keep you motivated.

Group Rides

Spring 2023


18th March

Meet at Bristol Temple Meads train station at 11am. Full details here.

Summer 2023


17th June

Meet at Leeds central train station at 11am. Full details here.

Autumn 2023


16th September

Meet at Nottingham train station at 11am. Full details here.

Winter 2023


2nd December

Meet at South Bank Skate Spot at 11am. Full details here.


Alien Backflip Hoodie

Alien Backflip Hoodie

Our homage to the greatest unicycle brand that has existed.

STFU Unicycle

STFU X Impact Gravity Unicycle

Our collab with Impact unicycles. Get an exclusive STFU X Impact Gravity unicycle.

STFU Beanie

STFU Beanie 2023

The first of our new look clothing for 2023!


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